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About Us

Plastic Surgery Studios is a notable industry leader.  We provide total Internet marketing solutions for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and cosmetic dentists everywhere.  Our company is built on a history of trust. For more than a decade we have been fueled by the most powerful industry domain names: PlasticSurgery.com, CosmeticSurgery.com, and iEnhance.com. We give medical professionals the opportunity to promote their practices on a regional, national and even international level. Numerous experts trust in our services and products; our collective goal is to meet all of their needs.  Our marketing firm is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Please feel free to contact us at anytime regarding our Internet Marketing Services :

SEO (search engine optimization) – Using search engine results, we will drive a higher volume and higher quality of traffic to your website.

Directory Listings – We pride ourselves with three of the most trusted and viewed directories in the elective healthcare field.  Our three NATIONAL DIRECTORIES receive HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of visits per month; PlasticSurgery.com, CosmeticSurgery.com and iEnhance.com.

Video Marketing – We can film new videos or market your current videos to drive traffic to your website as well as give your practice a larger presence on the internet.

Blog (web log) – We can create a place where you can write articles about subjects that impact your practice so that you can create a web following of interested consumers.

Website Design – Using the latest innovations and a dynamic design team, we can create a website that will personify your practice online.

Social Media Marketing – We can promote your practice through social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.  This is a powerful strategy that will generate, links, added exposure, website traffic and potential clients.